MSC BHU, DU, JNU Physics Entrance Exam

Mosy Important Topics for MSC Physics Entrance Exam for All Indian Universities.

Du,jun,pu,bhu MSC Physics Entrance exam syllabus

As you know guys there is some important subjects in our MSc physics entrance exam.
Like atomic and Molecular physics ,quantum mechanics ,nuclear physics.
so I will discuss about the important topics of all these subjects.
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This important blog exam and play an important role in your MSc physics entrance exam for your semester exam.

  1. Photoelectric effect
  2. Einstein's photoelectric equation
  3. Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom
  4. Stern- gerlach experiment
  5. Quantization of angular momentum
  6. Electronic spin
  7. Pauli exclusion principle
  8. Zeeman effect
  9. X-ray spectrum
  10. Bragg's law
  11. Bohr's theory of the Mosley plot
  12. Compton effect
  13. Compton wavelength
  14. Wave nature of matter
  15. Wave particle duality
  16. De Broglie wavelength
  17. Heisenberg uncertainty principle
  18. Schrodinger equation
  19. Potential step
  20. Barrier penetration
  21. Radioactivity
  22. Binding energy of nuclei
  23. Nuclear fission and fusion reaction
  24. Classification of elementary particles and their interaction