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IIT JAM, DU, BHU, JNU MSc Physics Entrance Exams- 2020

Mathematical Physics is an important subject for each and every Physics Competitive Exam. 
So before you start any subject, Learn Mathematical Physics. Because if you study mathematical Physics then you will learn many laws and theorem, which are very useful for other subjects like integration, differentiation, products of scalars and vectors, Matrix and Determinants and many more things so I always advice you to cover mathematical Physics first. Then start any thing.

Important Topics of Mathematical Physics for BHU JNU PU du

Mathematical Physics Updated Lectures (till- 17-06-2019)
  1. Gradient
  2. Normal Vector
  3. Divergence of the Function
  4. Curl of a function
  5. Stoke's Theorem
  6. Gauss's Divergence Theorem
  7. Integrals and Its Types
  8. Line Integrals
  9. Surface Integrals
  10. Volume Integrals

  1. Matrix
  2. Special Matrices
  3. Triangular Matrices
  4. Transpose of Matrix
  5. Conjugate of Matrix
  6. Tansposed Conjugate of a matrix
  7. Symmetric and Skew Symmetric Matrix
  8. Harmitian and Skew Hermitian Matrix
  9. Adjoints of the Matrix
  10. Orthogonal Matrix

  1. Trace of Matrix
  2. Idempotent Matrix
  3. Involutary Matrix
  4. Eigen value
  5. Characteristics Equation
  6. Characteristics Polynomial
  7. Differential Equations
  8. Order of Differential Equations
  9. Degree of Differential Equations
  10. Linear Differential Equations
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