System of Linear Equation or Simultaneous Equation

The solutions of system of linear equations provide one of most important practical applications of the theory of matrices.

In this blog , we shall discuss how the Rank method ,can be used to examine the problem of existence and uniqueness of solutions of system of linear equations.

How to solve linear equation
Simultaneous Equations

simultaneous equations

 Solution of the System

A set of values of all unknowns which simultaneously satisfy all the equations, is known as solution of system of equation.
how to solve linear equation

Consistent and Non- Consistent

If the system of equations has one or more solutions. 
Then it is said to be Consistent system otherwise it is said to be inconsistent System of Equations.
inconsistent system

Homogeneous System and Non- Homogeneous System 

 Non-Homogeneous  System-Solution Method-Rank Method

linear equations with rank method

How to Solve and Apply Condition

how to apply non homogeneous condition

 Homogeneous System Solution Methods

homogeneous system